Little Stars Dance Studio

Learning to dance, dancing to learn.

We accept students until March to participate in our recital. However, in order to be best prepared to perform on stage and to refine technique, we highly suggest that students enroll in September. (Because of costuming, students that join after March are free to participate in class, but will be unable to participate in our June recital). 

All of our dance classes run from about 30 minutes – an hour depending on the age group. All classes are educational, creative and fun! Hence our slogan, “learning to dance, dancing to learn”. Expect your child to fall in love with our staff, classes, and peers all while learning and having fun. We have even had little ones cry when class was over because they didn’t want to leave! All of our classes for our little ones incorporate academics into our dance classes! Classes for our older students teach them technique, genre education, social skills, discipline and respect. All classes hold small teacher to student ratios so that each and every child receives the attention that they deserve! (As well as helping to social distance!)

* Interested, but don’t know which class to put your child in? Check out our "Class Descriptions" below the schedule!

2020-2021 Class Schedule
(Class Descriptions and Tuition Below)

Class Descriptions

Mommy and Me

17 months – 3 years

30 minutes

A class for your toddler and Mommy! (Or Daddy). This class utilizes music, movement and motor skills, all while dancing along with a family member! Students will sing and dance along to familiar nursery rhymes, use props throughout class, and learn fun moves to age appropriate music


Twinkle Toes Ballet – Ages 3-5

45 minutes

Your child will have loads of fun while learning about the expectations and structure of a ballet class! Using props, imagery, curiosity and appropriate music, students explore different educational concepts and learn how to be a part of a group setting while still being introduced to some basic dance concepts taught in a ballet class.

Kinetic KinderBallet 1 and 2 – Ages 5-6

45 minutes

Building on to the skills taught from creative movement, students begin to learn basic ballet skills while improving self-confidence, coordination and discipline.

Ballet levels (ages 7+)

1 hour

A continuation of Kinderballet. Improvement of flexibility and more developed ballet technique is introduced while students prepare for future ballet instruction. Dancers must be approved to be in certain levels. As the levels increase, dancers will continue to build on the fundamentals of ballet and learn correct ballet terminology, stretching and technique.

Combo Classes

Twinkle Toes Combo Class – Ages 3-5

1 Hour

This fun class incorporates the genres of ballet, tap and tumbling (by use of animal mat work)! Students are introduced to the foundation of ballet, tap and tumbling and begin to learn basic steps and vocabulary. 

Kinetic Kinderdance Combo 1 and 2 – Ages 5-6

1 Hour

A continuation of the Preschool combo class. Students continue to learn basic ballet, tap and tumbling skills. Some elements of jazz are also introduced in level 2.

Tap/Jazz Levels - Ages 7+

45 minutes - Hour

An intermediate combination class with both Tap and jazz. During tap, students develop balance and coordination, learn and combine tap steps and dance along to different musical rhythms. For the jazz portion, class includes lessons on body alignment, stretching, isolations, turns and jumps.

Hip Hop

Twinkle Toes/Kinders Baby Bop – Ages 3-6

45 minutes

A high energy class to get your little one movin’! Your little one will love learning popular dances, how to express themselves freely and learn steps to age appropriate hip hop music!

Hip Hop Levels

1 hour

Students learn beginning hip hop steps and learn how to freely show expression. With age appropriate music, your child will be busting moves on the dance floor in no time! As the levels increase, students begin to freestyle and learn more complex Hip Hop combinations. In addition to learning more complex choreography, students begin to learn how to build their own choreography. Beginning skills of popping, breaking, locking and more are also introduced. 


Ages 8+

This style of dance combines classical training with creative exploration. Dancers will explore spatial and kinesthetic awareness, body alignment, working as a group and the concept of improvisation. Dancers must be enrolled in a ballet class to participate.


Ages 7+

This growing style of dance combines the elements of ballet and jazz and is often a showcase of a dancer's emotional response to the music and it's lyrics. Dancers will use movement to express several different emotions while building on fluidity and grace. Enrollment in Ballet and jazz is not required but highly suggested.


Ages 6+

This high energy class combines the elements of Cheer and Dance together. Dancers will learn basic stunts, jumps, cheers and dance steps to create high energy and fun routines! . *Please note, this is not a gymnastics class.

Twinkle Toes/Kinder Cheerdance and Tumbling

Ages 3-6

Have a little one that loves to tumble and dance? This class includes basic tumbling skills and strengthening exercises to get your little one ready to tumble as well as an introduction to cheerdance! *Please note: this is not a baby gymnastics class.

Stretching and Technique

This class is for students looking to build strength, flexibility and enhance the technique needed for other genres of dance! *This class does not perform in the recital, but all skills learned will be used in other classes. 

Other Classes not under our Children’s dance program - **Most of these programs are currently not running due to Covid

Exceptional Dancing (This is running!)

Cost: Drop-ins are $10/class or $90 for 10 classes.

This is a class for your little one with special needs that loves music and movement but isn’t quite ready to be integrated into dance classes. Here, your little one will be able to safely enjoy music and dancing at their own pace and learn and grow while building social skills and physical strength. All children (even those in wheelchairs) are welcome! 

Infant Music and Movement (suggested age 3 months – a year)

Cost: Drop-ins are $10/class or $90 for 10 classes.

This is a class for the little ones who enjoy the sound of music but are not yet ready to walk and dance yet. Infants in this class will get to interact, hear and play with different instruments, props and fun songs. “Movement” activities in class will also be included, such as being pulled in a hamper or walking with assistance from mom or dad! 

Musical Theatre

Have a child that loves to sing, dance and act? This is the perfect class for those that love to perform! Basic principles of Broadway/theatre are taught and students will learn to convey emotions, dance, act and sing to become the ultimate triple threat!

Family Zumba

Cost: Drop-ins are $10/class or $90 for 10 classes.

Family Zumba is just like our regular Zumba classes, but uses appropriate music and dance moves that the whole family can enjoy! 

Family Yoga

Cost: Drop-ins are $10/class or $90 for 10 classes

Family yoga is a great way for the whole family to get fit together! Basic yoga principles are introduced in class and the music and technique is kid friendly!

Adult Classes

Need a great workout but don’t want to hit the gym? Come exercise in a fun way with our adult dance classes! A few exercises and fun choreography are taught in these high energy class. Nobody is there to judge, come on out!


Our Zumba classes get packed very early, so make sure you come early to get a good spot! For more info on the Zumba classes, please visit the “Dynamic Trio” or “The Body Rock Factory” on Facebook. 

Mommy/Infant Carrier Dance Fitness**

Need to get a workout in, but have your little one with you? Throw them in their infant carrier and come dance with us! This class includes basic dance steps to fun music to get your workout in while still being with your little one.

Adult Ballet

Whether you are a beginner and would like to try out Ballet, or want to freshen up on your technique, all adults are welcome to join this class. Ballet shoes are suggested but not recommended. 

Adult Tap

Whether you are a beginner and would like to try out Tap, or want to freshen up on your technique, all adults are welcome to join this class. Tap shoes are highly suggested but not recommended. 

Adult Hip Hop

Whether you are a beginner and would like to try out Hip Hop, or want to freshen up on your technique, all adults are welcome to join this class. Learn popular moves and choreography to popular music all while getting a workout!

Adult Salsa

Have you always wanted to take a Salsa class but never made it to a class? Now is your chance! Attend this class and learn the basic fundamentals of the fast paced Salsa dance!



Tuition is based on the number of classes per year (This is not determined by the month, due to the fact that the number of classes each month may be less or more) divided into 10 equal monthly payments for your convenience. For example if a class cost is $450, a monthly payment would be $45.

There is also a non-refundable yearly registration fee of $25. Family registration is $35. Tuition covers the months of September-June. Tuition can be paid monthly, in two payments (September and January), or in full. If full class payment is made initially, you will receive $50 off.

You will have the option to pay for tuition online, over the phone or at the studio, when each payment is due.

*Tuition and registration fees are different for summer classes

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Total Class Time
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 30 Min
 45 Min
 1 Hour
 1 1/2 Hours
 2 Hours
 2.25 Hours
 2 1/2 Hours
 3 Hours
 3.5 Hours
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