Little Stars Dance Studio

Learning to dance, dancing to learn.

About Us

The early childhood stage is a critical time period in a child's life. At Little Stars, we mold and shape students not only to be the best dancers they can be, but the best students they can be. Our curriculum not only contains skills to learn in the art of dance, but academic skills as well. Expect your child to leave us learning how to plié, but also learning what a syllable is. Every month, the dancers are introduced to fun themes and activities. Our dancers love participating in our themes! Believe us when we say your child will love it! We've had some cry when class is over!

Why Us?

Here at Little Stars Dance Studio, our mission is to provide dance lessons in a loving, free and safe environment.
The goal is to teach more than just dance skills, but skills needed for social, educational and life environments. You can expect your child to build several positive relationships with staff and students while falling in love with the art of dance.
Hesitant about not being able to see how your child performs in class? Don't worry! We have a live video feed on our television in the Lobby. You can watch the whole class while sitting and relaxing in the lobby!