Little Stars Dance Studio

Learning to dance, dancing to learn.


Tuition is based on the number of classes per year (This is not determined by the month, due to the fact that the number of classes each month may be less or more) divided into 10 equal monthly payments for your convenience. For example if a class cost is $450, a monthly payment would be $45. There is also a non-refundable yearly registration fee of $25. Tuition covers the months of September-June. Tuition can be paid monthly, in two payments (September and January), or in full. If full class payment is made initially, you will receive $50 off. You will have the option to pay for tuition online or at the studio, when each payment is due.
*Tuition and registration fees are different for summer classes

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Total Class Time
  Bi       (Two Payments)
 Yearly (1 upfront Payment - Discount Applied)
 45 Min
 1 Hour
 1/2 Hours
 2 Hours
 2 1/2 Hours
 3 Hours
 More than 3 Hours